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Indulge in these Top 14 Snacks found only in Kerala

Kerala Culinary Packages

One cannot complete a satisfying trip to Kerala without tasting its delightful array of snacks. They are found in all eateries and are easily affordable. Some of them may look quite bland at first, but after a first bite, you would instantly realize that their taste is unparalleled and hard to find anywhere else in the world. Each of the districts in Kerala has its own special set of teatime snacks and these snacks perfectly define the entire culinary aspects of the region. If you are a major foodie or someone who is just passionate about cooking, then be sure to check our exquisite culinary packages in Kerala. Down below we have listed out some of the best snacks found in Kerala. Make sure to get the best travel experience by eating them.

1. Pazhampori

Pazhampori is a special delicacy of Kerala, in which the ripened bananas are coated with a crisp outer cover and then deep-fried in oil. The inner portion will remain soft and moist. The ingredients include ripe bananas, flour, and sugar. This is one of the most commonly preserved snacks in many households in Kerala.

2. Unniyappam

Unniyappam is a round shaped, brown coloured sweet. It is crispy on the outside and spongy inside. The ingredients include rice flour, jaggery, coconut, and sesame seeds. This sweet snack is mainly served during important festivals and occasions such as Onam and Vishu.

3. Sukhiyan

This deep-fried snack is found only in Kerala. With our amazing collection of Kerala tour packages, you can get a chance to taste these scrumptious snacks found only in the cities of Kerala. Sukhiyan ranks one of those. The main ingredients constitute green gram, jaggery, flour, and coconut. Like Unniyappam, this snack is also served during special occasions.

4. Vattayapam

This is a soft and fluffy steamed rice cake and is one of the traditional snacks of Kerala. Its chief ingredients include rice, coconut, sugar, and yeast. Vattayapam is mainly eaten by the Christian community in Kerala and forms a special treat during Easter and Christmas.

5. Achappam

Achappam is a slightly sweet and crunchy snack. It is flower shaped and studded with sesame seeds. The ingredients include rice flour, sugar, egg, sesame seeds, and coconut milk. It is eaten at all time of the year.

6. Parippu Vada

No Kerala Culinary Tours is complete without getting a taste of this exquisite snack. The Parippu Vada is spicy, crunchy, and it would make a great addition to your evening tea. This snack is found in a number of teashops around Kerala. Its main ingredients include chana dal, onion, ginger, green chilli, and curry leaves. If you are a bit on the spicy side, be sure to taste this.

7. Uzhunnu Vada

The Uzhunnu Vada is round shaped with a hole in a middle. It is somewhat similar to a donut but it does not taste sweet. The Vada has a crisp outer layer and a moist inner layer. It would be great to eat this with freshly made coconut chutney. The ingredients include back gram dal, green chilli, onion, curry leaves, and ginger. You can eat this at any time of the year.

8. Ulli Vada

Ulli Vada is made out of onions and it has a crisp coating on top. It is deep-fried and looks reddish brown when served hot on top of a plate. The ingredients include onion, besan flour, curry leaves, and rice flour. It is perfect to eat along with a steaming hot cup of tea.

9. Kuzhalappam

This is one of the special traditional snacks of Kerala. It is tube shaped and crunchy. Some eateries in Kerala coat these snacks with sugar syrup. However, eating them plain would be a much better option. Get the finest culinary experience by going on delightful gastronomical rides in Kerala with us. The ingredients of Kuzhalappam consist of rice flour, garlic, sesame seeds, cumin, and onion. It is served on both special occasions and other wise.

10. Neyyappam

Neyyappam resembles a pancake; the only difference is its size and batter. Its ingredients are rice flour, jaggery, coconut, and ghee. It is served during special occasions and in temples.

11. Aval Vilayichathu

This special evening snack can be perfectly summed up in two words – sweet and delicious. The best thing about Aval Vilayichathu is that it can be stored for two weeks. It lasts long and the taste just keeps getting better the longer you keep it. The ingredients include jaggery, rice flakes, coconut, and ghee. Most of the temples in Kerala give this as a prasadam.

12. Boli

Bolis are golden yellow in colour and are mostly found in Trivandrum. This snack has delighted people for many generations and is commonly found in plenty of wedding feasts. The chief ingredients include Bengal gram, flour, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, golden yellow food colouring, rice flour, and ghee. You could either eat it with payasam or eat it plain with a cup of tea.

13. Ela Ada

This is a traditional dish and serves the dual purpose of having it for breakfast and having it for evening snacks as well. It is popularly made in many households; the chief ingredients are rice, coconut, and jaggery. This is the healthiest snack in Kerala where the steamed rice flour dough is wrapped in a banana leaf.

14. Ariyunda

Ariyunda is round shaped snack made out of rice and jaggery. The rice used in the snack gives it a fresh flavour and perfectly complements with the sweet taste of the jaggery. The ingredients used include rice, jaggery, coconut, and powdered cardamom. Get a wonderful Kerala tourism experience by tasting this divine snack.

Kerala with its large assortment tourist attractions not just offers places to visit but also helps the travellers to experience the delightful local cuisine of Kerala. Being the top Kerala travel agency, we urge each of our customers to make the most of their memorable trip to Kerala by indulging in its local cuisine.

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