Kerala Shopping


Kerala has been the shopping mall of the world for thousands of years and it Continues to entice the visitors with the various charms in its bazaars from fort Cochin to tea plantations in Munnar and spice gardens in Thekkady and Wayanad.

  • Spices: Kerala’s wide array of exotic spices like black pepper, cardamom, cloves, Turmeric etc are available for best economic price.
  • Cashews: Cashews are abundantly produced and sold in Kerala especially in the district called – Kollam. Kollam is hence known as the ‘Cashew Capital of the World’.
  • Tea Dust: Tea is best purchased from the Tea producing district of Kerala – Munnar.
  • Coir Products: Coir products are made from the fibres extracted from the husk of coconut. It is widely popular for their bio-degradable composition and long life.
  • KasavuMundu, Sarees and Dress:They are pure cotton dress with golden boarders traditionally worn by Keralite men and women.
  • Gold Ornaments: As Gold is a favourite commodity of Keralite women, you will see lot of Jewellery shops in Kerala. Most of the gold ornaments are handmade.

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